Trade effluent advice and application

What is Trade Effluent?
Trade Effluent is any liquid waste, other than surface water and domestic sewage that is discharged into a public sewer from premises being used as a business (e.g. manufacturing, laundrettes, car washes, food processing etc).
It may be wastewater contaminated with materials such as:-
  • fats, oils and greases
  • chemicals
  • detergents
  • heavy metal rinses
  • solids
  • food wastes
  • soil
What is not considered to be Trade Effluent?
  • domestic sewage which includes wastewater from kitchen sinks, showers and toilets and domestically derived waste water from hospitals, hotels, caravan sites, restaurants or educational establishments
The forms required to submit an application (G/O2 and G/O3) can be found here. Simply fill in this form and email it to to apply.