For one Devon business, the efficiencies identified by South West Water Business (SWWB) have delivered annual savings of almost £5,000 and reduced consumption by 16% - the equivalent to 1.2 Ml of water.

SWWB helped to identify where and how water was being used across Brixham Holiday Park. With 79 self-catering chalets and 17 static caravans, Brixham Holiday Park welcomes around 86,000 guests a year and has a daily staff total of 28. In addition, the park operates swimming pools, a clubhouse bar, takeaway restaurant and laundrette, amounting to considerable water usage throughout the 32-week opening season.

Results from the water efficiency health check showed that substantial savings could be made across virtually all of the park’s toilets, showers and basins by simply reducing the flow of water.

Recommendations included installing cistern displacement devices in all the toilets - instantly saving up to 2.5 litres per flush.

This reduced the flow of hot and cold taps to the recommended 6 litres per minute and using restrictors to reduce the flow of water in the showers from 12 to 8 litres per minute.

Monitoring the flow of water across the entire park has helped Park Manager Margaret Tudge to build an accurate picture of water usage trends, identifying peaks and troughs of consumption.

Data loggers capture the flow rate every 15 minutes, offering an up-to-date picture of what’s happening across the site.

I look at the flow reports every day, they really help us to keep track of usage as well as costs. Since the monitoring equipment was installed, our water usage at the park has reduced from 490 to 90 litres per hour. A big part of the reduction was a leak which previously we didn’t know about, but was detected by the loggers, so we were able to repair it and start to reap the benefits straight away.
Margaret Tudge, Brixham Holiday Park Manager