South West Water Business (SWWB) helped Channings Wood save over £120,000 per year with their leak repair work.

SWWB, as part of an Account Management Service, carefully monitors all customer loggers on a daily basis, using an alert system that highlights any abnormal usage patterns and indicates potential leakage. If an alert is triggered, The Account Manager informs the customer immediately.

Opened in 1974, Channings Wood is a Category C training prison built on the site of a Ministry of Defence base by a combination of contract and prison labour.

With the on-site water mains network dating back to the original development of the site, the Polyork plastic water mains are brittle and inflexible resulting in pipe fractures with ground movement. Leaked water generally doesn’t come to the ground surface due to the nature of the sub-soil.

SWWB identified that the minimum flows had increased from approx 4.5m3 per hour to 24m3 per hour, indicating that there was a leak.

Following this, SWWB organised the repair of the leak and the Site Manager thanked them for their prompt attention and assistance. A further leak detection visit identified a possible loss of water from the now redundant supply to the sewerage treatment works. Capping of the supply leg was completed in March 2013, resulting in a reduction of 3m3 per hour.

Following some final works, the constant flow now runs at just under 2m3 per hour, which is considered the minimum achievable rate given the size of the site. All the repairs combined have saved 22,000m3 of flow per year, which equates to a saving of over £120,000 per annum.