South West Water Business (SWWB) worked with Endsleigh Garden & Leisure centre in Ivybridge, Devon to achieve estimated savings of £35,000 a year for the Garden & Leisure Group’s network of seven centres across the UK.

SWWB identified that substantial savings could be made across virtually all of the centres’ taps and basins. This was easy to do by simply reducing the flow of water.

This could be done easily by using a flow cup device on taps, switching the head on the kitchen sink taps to a more water efficient version, and installing cistern displacement otherwise known as a Hippo or Save-a-Flush to all toilet cisterns, instantly saving 2.5 litres per flush.

Although we think we’re a relatively green company and take care to review our environmental measures on a regular basis, it takes something like the audit conducted by SWWBS to make you realise that there are further savings which can be made.

What’s more, these can be done through such simple and cost effective measures. Before the audit took place we’d identified a leak at the Endsleigh centre which was costing the business £32,000 a year. The audit has been extremely valuable to our businesses, helping save large amounts of money for relatively little outlay, whilst also improving our green credentials.

Peter Martin, Endsleigh Garden & Leisure Director of Property

SWWB aims to help businesses across the region save both water and money.Businesses such as the Garden & Leisure Group are very aware of their environmental credentials and already operating to high standards, could still benefit from an audit. We are committed to delivering savings for our customers, helping to identify initiatives that will reduce water consumption, improve water efficiency and above all generate savings.
Kate Vain, SWWBS Head of Business Development