South West Water Business (SWWB) helped Exeter City Council Policy & Commercial Development Officer, Jo Pearce, to save £81,000 on the Council’s water and sewerage bills in the first 12 months of the project.

Exeter City Council worked with SWWB to tackle inefficiencies at ten of their public toilet blocks and two main offices where there are high levels of water use.

The next stage was for SWWB to carry out free water efficiency health checks at all of the council’s high use sites.

The findings of each individual audit were split between areas of improvement and recommended products. Combined with payback and ongoing reduced costs, considerable costs were made.

A trial was conducted at Exeter’s busiest city centre toilet facility, Paris Street, which receives 15,000 visitors each week. In 2011, they used 12m3 of water per day at a cost of £57 per day.

On the recommendation of SWWB, specialist water saving urinals and flush timers and systems were fitted in the 18 cubicles at a cost of £3,285.

After fitting the new equipment, the water usage in the toilets fell to 5.31m3 per day, reducing the cost of water to £25 per day. A return on these investments was made within the first six months.

The water efficiency surveys have been fundamental to reducing our water consumption. The new water saving products recommended not only reduced our water consumption, but also provided substantial financial savings. The support and guidance from SWWBS has really generated a sense of accomplishment across all our employees.
Jo Pearce, Exeter City Council Policy & Commercial Development Officer