Hoburne Holiday Park in Torbay took advantage of South West Water Business (SWWB) water efficiency advice and saved £4,000 per year from their water bills.

Following some research at the University of Plymouth, the Park’s General Manager, Mark Bevan decided to implement a number of both cost and energy saving strategies across the holiday park.

At the end of 2011 a full water efficiency health check of the holiday park was carried out by SWWB.

They recommended a series of simple, but effective environmental and cost saving measures. These included the introduction of flush controls on the urinals, fitting a pressure valve to the
main water intake pipe, placing water bags in the larger 7.5 litre toilet cisterns and introducing sub- metering.

In today’s world it is important that businesses have long term commitments to the environment, as well as looking at the most effective ways to save money. Water management is a big issue in the park and our staff were able to work closely with the SWWB team in order to implement the changes. By installing a number of simple and cost effective devices, we have managed to save approximately £4,000 a year off our water bills and cut water usage by around 1,000m3.
Mark Bevan, Hoburne Holiday Park Torbay General Manager

Working with companies like Hoburne Holiday Park to save water and money is precisely what SWWB aims to do. We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for our audits over the last few months, showing there is a real appetite from the region’s businesses to focus on environmental credentials and ultimately reduce costs.
Kate Vain, SWWB Head of Business Development