South West Water Business helped the Plymouth Holiday Inn to reduce their water consumption by 13% which equates to a saving of more than £13,500 over the year.

As part of the initial inspection, it was identified that although the hotel’s plumbing was in good condition across the site, there were a series of simple improvements which, if made, could account for worthwhile quick savings.

For a hotel the size of the Holiday Inn Plymouth, one of the higher water usage areas is the toilet facilities. With over 200 toilets across the hotel this was identified as a priority area where water usage could be reduced immediately.

At the time of the audit the majority of toilets were being flushed at 9 litres per flush, which is the standard rate for a cistern installed before 1993.

As part of the recommendations the hotel was advised to install a cistern displacement device. The device instantly saved 2.5 litres per flush, which on average resulted in a staggering 34,000 litres saved per week.

What was even more satisfying for the hotel was that 233 Hippo and Save-a-Flush devices were given free as part of the audit and he could see the savings beginning to add up as soon as they were fitted.

Other recommendations included covering the hotel’s swimming pool when not in use to limit evaporation, only using washing machines with a full load, installing passive infrared controls to urinals and reducing flow rates to basin taps.

As a large hotel with 211 rooms, we were aware of our water usage and keen to reduce the amount of water we used across the hotel without impacting on the service we provide to our guests and facilities for team members. It was a very useful exercise with fantastic results for our hotel.
Willem Hamel, Plymouth Holiday Inn Hotel Manager