Water retailer South West Water Business has helped food manufacturer Paramount 21 to save around £5,000 a year on its trade effluent charges.

South West Water Business reviewed the Newton Abbot-based company’s trade effluent charges, which are calculated based on both volume and the strength of effluent, with regular monitoring carried out by the wholesaler to obtain this data.


Billing Technician Andy Watkins, who is an expert in the trade effluent field, investigated the available sample analysis data and highlighted some historical errors in how the firm’s bills had been calculated.

The water wholesaler’s Scientific Team then went through this data in a painstaking and detailed process before adjusting the firm’s invoices and crediting as appropriate to resolve the situation. As a result, Paramount 21’s trade effluent charges were reduced by around £5,000 – with a refund issued to cover the inaccurate charges that had already been paid.

“It’s always nice to be able to save a customer money and this was a situation where my expertise meant that I was able to consider the figures and to find out exactly why Paramount 21 were paying too much and then to suggest an approach to the wholesaler to get the bill significantly reduced,” said Andy, who is a member of South West Water Business’ Commercial Team as a Trade Effluent Specialist.

A spokesman for Paramount 21 said: “We really appreciate the help and effort that both the Commercial and Scientific teams contributed to resolve this issue in an efficient and timely manner.”