Five things every business should do to guard against water leaks

23 Apr 2018

Even a small water leak can cause disruption to your business as well as damaging property and leading to increased bills.
There is also an important environmental benefit to spotting leaks early as any amount of wasted water will have a carbon footprint.
Whilst some leaks will be clearly visible, others may go unnoticed for some time and can result in an increased bill some time after the problem has occurred.
Your water wholesaler is responsible for pipework up to the stoptap or meter, which is usually at your boundary. You are responsible for all pipework after the stoptap or meter - whether this is internal or external and may include underground pipework.
Signs of an internal leak tend to be easier to spot including wet spots or discolouration on ceilings and floors and dripping taps.  External leaks are mostly hidden underground and can be much harder to identify. Evidence of an external leak can include damp patches of ground, pooling water and lush areas of vegetation during dry spells.
We do everything we can to encourage customers to detect and repair leaks as quickly as possible.  This helps us to reduce leakage and means that can potentially save money.
Here are some quick checks that businesses should carry out on a regular basis to identify if there are any problems on their pipe network.
1. Check your water meter and compare the reading to previous bills to check that it is in line with expectations
2. If possible, check if the meter is moving when no water is being used. This may need to be done as an overnight check. If there is a problem, the supply should be isolated at the internal stop tap to determine which side of the tap it is on.
3. Check if there have been any changes to on site pressure
4. Check the level of any water storage tanks to see if there have been  any changes that could indicate a leak
5. If you have a data logger, which provides detailed consumption information, check if flow rates have increased
If you find a leak outside your business, then contact the emergency number supplied by your wholesaler. If you discover leaking water inside your business contact a local plumber. A list of approved contractors can be found on the WaterSafe website or by calling 0333 207 9030.
 If you are worried about leakage or your water use in general then give us a call on 0330 041 5563 for advice on leak location and repair or click here.