The award winning The Park Cornwall shares their top customer service tips

09 Nov 2018

South West Water Business was proud to sponsor the Customer Service Superstar Award at the Cornwall Tourism Awards. We put customer service at the heart of everything we do so it was great to celebrate the achievements of a very special business, The Park Cornwall, who also won two other gold awards on the night. Here, general manager Rebecca Marks shares with us some of the secrets of The Park’s success…..

Q) Tell us a little about The Park Cornwall?
The Park Cornwall is our guests’ home away from home, with 30 friendly staff who are one big happy family, ready to welcome our guests and their loved ones, including the pooches. Various types of accommodation from luxury lodges, cottages, park cabins and our very own magical, fairyland style yurt village.  We also have an indoor and outdoor swimming pool with sauna and steam room to indulge in, delicious food in our on-site restaurant, goats and chickens to come and meet plus lots of play areas for the little ones to explore. Nestled in the valley of Mawgan Porth, The Park has the beautiful beach on its doorstep, where our guests can walk, surf, explore or laze if you wish! Perfect for guests to make yourself at home!

Q) What is your approach to customer service?
Customer service is the heart of the business. It’s absolutely fundamental that all of our guests have a wonderful experience and we completely understand that this is driven by the service that we deliver. This stems from the team that work here on site and how they bring magic into everyone’s experience here at The Park.

Q) What do you do (or not do) that sets you apart from your competitors in terms of customer service?
One of the main reasons why I love working at The Park so much is the people. Every member of the team has a big heart and really cares about others. We really try to encourage and empower every team member to embrace their individuality and be themselves. This gives them the ability to shine which, ultimately, gives every guest a bespoke enhanced experience so they have a wonderful stay.

Q) Are there any examples you can give of how you and your staff have gone above and beyond?
I am so proud of all of the team here at The Park as every single member of staff does so much which goes above and beyond their job role on a daily basis. For example, Deanna and Siggy on reception write out hand written cards for all guests on site, giving out special cards should they discover it’s a guest’s special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. They set up events around The Park, trails for children, always exploring new ideas and coming up with new innovations to enhance the guest’s experience which would be unique and bespoke to each guest. They know our guests by name and build up a wonderful rapport and relationship with them. I constantly receive feedback from guests who praise members of the team for helping them during their stay or making their experience at The Park special. The staff treat our guests like family and you always go above and beyond for your family!

Q) What advice would you give to a business that wanted to improve their customer service?
I’m a strong believer that it’s about picking wonderful people and empowering them. In order to ensure that you always have good customer service, I really believe it’s imperative you have a team who are genuine, really care and will go above and beyond for their team and the guests. This way you know that they will always do everything they can to ensure absolutely everyone is looked after and cared about. I believe that if you empower them to let their personalities shine and be the best possible version of themselves.. this will radiate throughout the business and build a culture which embraces customer service at the heart of it.

Q) How did it feel when it was announced that The Park Cornwall had won the Customer Service Superstar Award?
Ecstatic! We were all so thrilled! We all absolutely love what we do, are extremely proud to work at The Park and have worked so hard so it’s amazing to get recognition at this level.

Q) What’s next for the business?
We are always striving to take The Park to a new level... We embrace individuality, innovation, and extremely importantly, fun!! We want to learn from the amazing parks and hotels around us, show all of our guests amazing, beautiful Cornwall, continue to love what we do and share these visions with everyone we can.